eLearning is my passion.


I'm always looking to create the next innovation in eLearning. My style of online learning is designed to give your learners a truly interactive experience. It will provide them the tools to be successful in achieving your organization's goals. In addition, it will be pleasing to interact with and offers a truly fun way to learn.

Click the link below to see a sample of one of the courses I created for the Greater Toronto Airports Authority...


I'm a big believer in having learners truly interact


So often classroom training is a lecture, where a subject matter expert stands in front of a class and tells students information that doesn't really help them back on their job.

My classroom training is about the students discovering what it is they need to accomplish to be successful. My job is to facilitate this. When you hire me to develop your in-class learning opportunities, you will get a truly interactive solution that your employees will come away armed with the knowledge, practical skills and some experience to perform to the business goals you have established.


It can be job aids, guides, posters, and so on...


I don't just hand you a facilitation guide and that's it. I can design and develop all the support materials that your employees need to be successful. I can discuss with you the most affordable, yet effective blended learning solution that meets your organization's needs.